Thursday, December 6, 2012


I just have to share the most amazing experience. Long story short...I met and have become great friends with author Jason Wright. It all started in November 2007 when he was touring our district promoting his little novel, Christmas Jars. We had him come speak to our 9th graders in a mini-assembly and the response was overwhelming! Over the years, we have emailed, texted, visited, held assemblies, etc. and become GREAT friends! Each year since that time, I've had at least two of my classes (totaling 60ish students per year) read Christmas Jars and have seen it change their lives. It's AMAZING!! my Honors English 8 students had the opportunity to Skype with him! I prepared them with an understanding of the novel, explained the basic premise of his other novels, and then had them write up questions they'd like to ask a New York Times best-selling author. Today, I took them on an "In-house Field Trip" (pulled them out of a couple of classes) and we Skyped for 90+ minutes. It was hilarious and very touching to hear some of their own personal experiences with his other books as well as ask for advice on how to be better writers. I am so grateful to those who are willing to share their time and talents to help our young people!!

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