Monday, September 17, 2012

MLA Format

Our English department teaches the MLA format for written and computer-generated documents. I wanted them to have a resource for this format so I don't have to tell them every single time we do an assignment! 9 becomes that visual.

I have an obsession with Post-it notes! (My daughter thinks I should be admitted to a rehab center of some sort!) So, mine has Post-it notes I cut down to the desired size and stuck in my example. I had the kids pretend they had Post-its (some actually had some in their binders...) and write the important information.

Don't forget to date the day it's done, title it, and put it in the Table of Contents.

NOTE: I found this as an "Anchor Chart" on Pintrest. Not positive where I got it but I sure loved it! Thank you Pintrest!! :)


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