Monday, September 17, 2012

Year-long Theme: HEROES

I'm sure most schools across the country are experiencing the same problems with bullying we are here in Utah. I. HATE. IT!! I've seen kids in tears because of something that was said to them in the halls, in a text or note, on Facebook, etc. I've even known some of these kids to attempt or commit suicide because of it. It breaks my heart!!

So...I decided I want to have a "Year-long Theme" of HEROES! I'm not into the whole "SUPER-HERO" thing like some teachers in my school are...

I prefer to look at a "HERO" as a normal, everyday kind of person like I am! I believe 
I believe this is accomplished by doing something small which can mean the world to someone in a time of need:
  • Say "HI!"
  • Help pick up a notebook that's been dropped
  • Sit with someone who is alone at the lunch table
  • Open a door
  • Loan someone a pencil
  • Buy someone's lunch
  • etc.
The possibilities are ENDLESS!!! 

So...for the introduction to the theme, I created a guide which each student glued onto pages 10 & 11. I created it in a Word document with a table...four columns. Each sheet of paper served two students. They cut out the strips, glued them in, then answered the questions during my instruction. It was COOL!!!

We'll be referring to this throughout the year.


  1. Hi! I am starting my first year as a middle school language arts teacher (I have taught high school English for the past ten years), and I am absolutely loving this idea of interactive notebooks! I definitely plan on using several of these ideas in my classroom! Do you by any chance post the links to the handouts and things you have the kids put in their notebooks? Also, we are doing a hero unit as well, and I was wondering what video you were talking about on these charts. Thank you! :)

  2. Thanks Ashley! I hope you'll enjoy using the ideas. I'm planning on using the IN a lot more this year and will be posting pictures and ideas. Please share any you have with me! :)

    There are links on several of the different handouts I give the kids for you to access. I think they work. The only one I end up having to share with others is the ones for Elements of Literature. You can click on that one and it will ask me to let you share it. I don't know any other way to get it.

    The video I use was from another teacher at our school. It's actually produced by Farmer's Insurance, I think, and is called "Ordinary People doing Extraordinary Things." Something like that. When I go back to school, I'll double-check and will re-post on this.

    Good luck!!