Thursday, September 13, 2012

New Adventures in Teaching English Classes

This year, our district is mandating Honors classes in the four core areas: English Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Math. These classes, as well as all others, are to use the Common Core Standards our state has adopted. (To learn more about the Common Core, click HERE.)  I've taught 9th grade Honors before without any support from the district...I was just supposed to make it "harder and more rigorous" for them. It lasted a couple of years before I burned out.

We have already received a lot of support from the district; however, a lot of their expectations are going to be hard to meet because of logistics in computer labs, availability of materials (and/or the money to acquire them...), parental support, etc. Also, the classes are to be "Self-Select" which means ANYONE can sign up for them regardless of their abilities. For the most part, my 8th Grade Honors English class has been FABULOUS!! They are so cute and eager to learn and please! I've had a talk with a couple of kids and given them some expectations...we'll see what happens.

For my 9th graders, I have found some new ways to teach the standards as well as adding some of the lessons I've received through honors training. So far (only 8 days), I'm having a blast and the kids are LOVING it!!

Here's to hoping this trend continues!! 

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